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My name is Zanni Louise, and I am passionate about writing stories for children. I am also partial to dressing up in bear hats, red beanies and pink wigs. But that’s another story!


It all began in an olive tree, in Inverell, country NSW. I spent hours in the arms of that tree, telling myself stories and making friends with imaginary characters. Then I learnt to write on a dodgy typewriter, and … well, look at me now. Grown up (sort of) and still writing, daily, obsessively.


I love soft cheese. My kids. Nature. Play. Not a big fan of the washing up, but that is why I have a husband. We do our thing (including the washing up) in Northern NSW. The beach is just down the road. Yes, we are spoilt, but I’m grateful.


Check out my books below. Read my (slightly) serious biography here. If you want to write your own stories for children, read more about my workshops and mentoring services. You might also like to find out what I can offer your primary school. And if you’ve done all, or none of those things, and would just like to say helloplease do! I am a big fan of hello mail. 


Love and soft cheese. 


Zanni x


TIGGY and the Magic Paintbrush