Hello! I’m Zanni. I love writing stories, especially for children. Stories have been following me since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until I had children of my own that I began to think about publishing.

I write for the very young, and school aged kids. My stories are generally warm and quirky with a twist of humour. Have a look at the books I’ve made here. My first book Too Busy Sleeping was long-listed for the CBCA awards. My books like travelling, and over the next year, will find themselves in US, China, Korea, Denmark, Germany and Slovenia. 

Important information you are probably dying to know: My favourite word is ‘wanderling’, which doesn’t have a meaning in English, but I think it should mean n. someone who wanders. I have a friendly cat called Mary Feather Flower. My favourite clothing attire are dungerees, also known as Happy Pants. I have two children and one husband, who are my unpaid writing assistants, editors and inspiration machines. One day, I will do my fair share of dishes, to make up for all the dishes I haven’t done, because I was too busy writing. But probably not.

If you’d like to meet me, I do fun school visits with StoryBoard Bus and The Children’s Book Speakers Agency. I run workshops and visit festivals, because I love helping adults and kids make their own stories. Sign up to my newsletter for upcoming workshops and events.





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