Archie and the Bear Newrybar Party!

We had so much fun this weekend, celebrating Archie and the Bear with a pile of kids at Newrybar Merchants. The sun smiled upon us, and gorgeous yellow blossoms bloomed in the trees. Gosh, it was perfect.

I introduced Archie, and read David Mackintosh’s words about his inspiration for the images. David was inspired by a Carpathian forest. I loved these words from David:

“The Ursari see the bear as a protective symbol, not simply as a threatening beast. That’s how I, too, see the bear in Zanni’s book, but typically a bear is regarded with caution. I like the threat the bear represents, and it reminds me of the Three Bears fairytale, where as the reader you’re pulling your hair out with frustration because Goldilocks doesn’t see what is clearly a scam.”

I read the book to the audience, and it was so much fun, having the kids play along with my antics. After ridiculous amounts of fun and heckling, I sent them on a hunt for a pot of honey.

Kids made masks out of different things. There were some bears, some bears with three ears, birds, and some creatures I couldn’t quite identity.

Mary Ryan’s book shop in Byron Bay were more than wonderful, organising the location, food and drink, and of course, selling books. It was the perfect North Coast afternoon! Thank you to everyone who was able to come along. And for Newrybar Merchants for having us!

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