Archie and the Bear

Archie and the Bear

Archie and the Bear

Archie has something to say, but no one is listening. So Archie leaves home … and discovers someone else with something to say. And because both know how that feels, they both listen.

This story about being who you are (even when you are not) is illustrated by the inimitable David Mackintosh.

Archie and The Bear is published by Little Hare in 2017.

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Archie and the Bear reviews

The story itself is the real delight. There are no wasted words as Archie and the Bear share their experiences and learn from each other. At a surface level this book is a simple, but never simplistic, story of a boy who thinks he’s a bear, and a bear who claims to be a boy. There are things they can learn from each other as well as things that they have in common. Without being preachy about it, though, the obvious subtext in this story is an openness to the people around you, the simple courtesy of accepting how they identify themselves even if this doesn’t fit your own preconceived ideas, and a willingness to learn and share and find common ground.

There is nothing twee or condescending about Archie and the Bear. This book would sit well with younger listeners around the kinder age range as well as junior primary readers. – Reading Time, CBCA

Hi Zanni! I felt like I should share this with you. This is my little guy Archie and his favourite book in the world at the moment. We borrowed it from the library but will need to buy our own copy because I don’t think we could part with it! We read it everyday (often more than once) and, at 2 and a half, he can just about recite the whole story himself!! Such a lovely story about being whoever you want to be- you have done a wonderful job. Thank you so much for the little bit of happiness you bring a little boy and his mum every time we read it. Regards, Jess

Zanni Louise has an incredible ability to step inside the mind of a child and here she captures the lovable, stubborn voice of a strong-willed boy swept away by his own imagination. The text is funny, offbeat and pure joy to read out loud. It’s perfectly matched with David Mackintosh’s illustrations. – Kids’ Book Review

It’s a sweet tale of friendship and being true to yourself. Louise (author of Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book Too Busy Sleeping) has captured the humour and stubbornness of a child’s imagination in this story. Mackintosh makes great use of space with his unpredictable and charmingly distinctive illustrations, and their surreal quality suits the story perfectly. Archie and the Bear is suitable for children aged three and up. Fans of odd, humorous picture books such as Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back and Mo Willems’ work will enjoy this title. – Books + Publishing