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Having a baby is the most creative thing you will ever do. Yet the reality of a mother’s day can feel anything but creative. Lack of time, sleepless nights and a sense of overwhelm can drive creativity out the window.

That’s why I would like to offer you a day – one day just for you – to help you reconnect with your creativity in a meaningful way. 

The one day Mama Creative retreat is held on a peaceful private property in the Byron Bay hinterland, near Harvest Cafe.  I will provide a nourishing and delicious lunch, as well as morning tea and coffee.

I want this day to be all about you, so you walk away feeling replenished and creatively engaged.

what does the day involve

I will help you explore your creative direction and tap into your former and potential creative self. This will involve doing creative exercises, as well as workshopping ideas about our creative future with other mothers.

We’ll also look at your typical day and your week and identify your obstacles. What is blocking your potential to be creative? I’ll help you pinpoint opportunities to being creative. Creativity may be lurking where you least expect it!

Together, we will help each other explore where our creative futures can take us.

And so all our hard – *ahem* – I mean, fun and creative work – doesn’t end at the end of the day, we’ll talk about how to integrate your creativity into your life as a mama. I’ll help you explore your personal networks and connections, which nurture the growth of your creative life.

I’ll also offer ongoing support and community for you to continue to engage with others from the retreat.

what is a creative mama

You may have a distant memory of feeling creative at one point in your life. Or you may be brimming with creative ideas. You may be itching to explore them, but feel frustrated your responsibility as a mama leaves you with so little time.

Creativity, though, might be hiding where you least expect it.

Mamas are often so focussed on the needs of their children, they don’t realise the creative work they do every day.

Are you keen to tap into your creativity?

what comes next

Creativity has infinite forms.

Your creativity may become a source of business for you. Mamas often use creative techniques to develop businesses, because they need to work around their families. In this retreat, we will explore all the possibilities.

You may be the person who needs a creative outlet – a place to expend your creative energy. I can help you find out what that outlet is, and how to integrate it into your week.

Creativity may be as simple as journalling or blogging to record your experiences. It may be taking photos. It may be taking a creative approach to how to parent. The potential is limitless…

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9am – 4pm
Saturday 20th June 2015

13 Jorgensens Lane, Brooklet NSW

Morning tea, real coffee and a nourishing lunch provided


One day retreat

$110 early bird
$130 after May 31st 2015

One day retreat with two nights two-room accommodation*

$480 early bird
$500 after May 31st

One day retreat one night one-room accommodation*

$200 early bird
$220 after May 31st

* limited availability

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zanni louise - photo by Amber Melody


Zanni Louise is a picture book author, blogger & creative entrepreneur. She is the mother of two young girls, and has found the balance between creativity and motherhood.

Zanni has helped many women expand creatively in private consultations and workshops. She also runs storytelling and imagination workshops for kids.

Zanni has a degree in Creative Writing & Art History, and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. She has worked in the arts since 2005. Her first children’s book is released this September.

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