Do you have a story to tell? Do you burn to write, but feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start? Maybe you have written stories, and are interested in getting published.


Zanni has mentored many aspiring, emerging and established writers over the years. Zanni helps writers:


  • clarify ideas and find their voice
  • improve their story development and editing techniques
  • get stories ready for submission
  • explore publishing opportunities
  • develop writing goals, harness creativity
  • turn writing into a meaningful and practical part of every day life.
zanni louise children's writer mentoring


What others have said:

“Zanni’s workshops and private mentoring were just the motivation I needed. It was a supportive and encouraging environment were I felt comfortable to share my thoughts and ideas. These sessions were the catalyst to me completing my book and becoming published.” Simi Genziuk


“I have been having mentoring sessions with Zanni over the past number of months. I have found Zanni warm and insightful, supportive and encouraging. We have been polishing up some picture book manuscripts and preparing for a pitch at a conference later in the year. I really value the opportunity to learn from an experienced and generous mentor, especially given how challenging it is to catch a break in the publishing world. Zanni “knows her stuff” regarding the industry and the practise of writing so I feel I am in good hands. I would encourage you to spend some time learning from Zanni and if you can. You won’t be sorry.” Amanda Langlois


How do mentoring sessions with Zanni work?

Book an introductory session, or plunge straight into the full, ongoing experience…

Sessions are face-to-face, on the phone or over Skype.

Send Zanni your manuscripts 48 hr before your scheduled meeting. Zanni will review your manuscript and prepare feedback.

You will receive an Action Plan at the end of each session, to complete before your next session, which will help you stay on track, and remain accountable. 


What will mentoring with Zanni give you?

  • Confidence and encouragement
  • Support
  • Focus
  • Knowledge about the publishing industry
  • Editing hints 
  • Personalised feedback
  • Opportunities to make writing a meaningful part of your life, whether you aspire to be a hobbyist, or a professional. 


Book 1 hr introductory session, including personalised feedback*


Book 6 x 1 hr sessions, including personalised feedback*




*Feedback is for manuscripts under 1,000 words. If texts are longer than this, please contact Zanni for a quote.