Mother’s Day craft :: MUM FOR SALE poster

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. I expect hoards of presents, flowers, cards, mountains of breakfast in bed … whatever gorgeous craft the kids can rustle up. Just kidding. I am happy with a simple cuddle. Maybe a few extra. Just because!

So, I wrote this book called MUM FOR SALE and I never once anticipated it to be sold around Mother’s Day, and to be displayed on Mother’s Day shelves in bookstores. But it is! I find this lovely. Hopefully no-one gets any bad ideas, though, about selling their mum on Mother’s Day, when Mother’s Day is meant to be a time of 100% love and adoration.

Then again, maybe the MUM FOR SALE book could inspire a cute little Mother’s Day activity!

If you are one of those last minute parents or teachers (like me), who do things last minute (like me), then here’s a simple Mother’s Day craft, inspired by MUM FOR SALE.

Make a ‘Mum for Sale’ poster

1. Get your kids to make a fun poster, to sell their mum!

2. Kids can draw a picture of mum, or use a photo

3. Encourage kids to make a list of really amazing qualities their mums possess. ‘Amazing dancer.’ ‘Best pancake maker’. ‘Strong hugger, with a scent of lavender’. Etc.!

4. Kids might like to apply some obscene price. One million dollars! One trillion!

5. Encourage kids to not really sell their mum. Of course not! Not on Mother’s Day at least! Instead they can gift their mum their for sale poster, so she knows how valuable she is to them!

Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday, to all those wonderful mummies! Mine included. My book is dedicated to her. x

Purchase your copy of MUM FOR SALE here.

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