Picture Book Course Introduction


How to use this course

Zanni chats about how to use this course.

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Meet your tutors

Meet Zanni Louise

In this video, Zanni introduces herself and her books and tells you a little about her journey into publishing.

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Meet Anna Pignataro

Meet Anna and learn what inspires Anna and how she got into illustrating picture books.

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Module One: Introduction to picture books

Available from 1 June 2021

Learn what makes a great picture book, and about the picture book market.

Tap into your inspiration and your unique picture book style through a variety of visual exercises. Anna talks you through her creative process.

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Module Two: Developing characters

Learn how to develop strong, active characters, point-of-view, and voice. Start developing characteristics, expression, accessories, and setting through visual exercises.

Module Three: Plot, storyline & exploring perspectives

Learn techniques for structuring your story. Start playing with angles and interesting perspectives through visual exercises.

Module Four: Writing techniques & illustration materials

Learn an array of picture book writing techniques, from show-don’t-tell, rhythm and rhyme, and compelling dialogue. Harness your unique picture book voice. Start playing with a range of visual materials, and experimenting with your visual style.

Module Five: Editing techniques, storyboarding & dummy books

Learn a variety of professional editing techniques, including how to write more concisely and rhythmically, improving sentence structure and formatting. Polish your manuscript for submission. Develop a storyboard and a dummy book for your manuscript.

Module Six: Preparing for publication

Learn how to access and impress publishers and agents with your finished work. Create finished artwork and cover art for your picture book. Create a picture book pitch and cover letter.