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Hello! A big part of my work involves visiting lots of schools to inspire kids to write. Nearly every visit, someone asks me: ‘How do kids get published?’

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for young writers to publish, so I wanted to create one.

Welcome to SMILEY TIMES.

50 young writers between 7-18 years

50 stories ranging from mermaids to ghost stories to comedy …

This publication will be available next month. Purchase your copy here for $30, which includes a donation to the project, or make a donation of your choice. 

Our GoFundMe page can be shared far and wide! 

Supporting this project is supporting each writer to receive their own physical copy of the journal, and inspiring kids to write.

Three babies small will save us all. They come from a magical world where mermaids lay, and fairies play and the kind of dragon’s train.  And at the centre of them all lives a narwhal in the falls.  She was the only creature that knew the magic way that was hidden faraway … (an extract from ‘The Narwhal’ by Rebekah Hammond)

Stories have been professionally edited, and are a pretty amazing standard! 

People say opposites attract. I guess that’s why Life was so in love with Death … (an extract from ‘Life and Death’ by Victoria Snaith)

I walked. I walked across the cold wet sand. The water was like satin. It sparkled as if a fairy from below its watery arms had sprinkled all the stars in the sky on top of it. As I walked I realised. As I realised I noticed … (an extract from ‘Drowning’ by Psalm Pratley)

If you ever wanted to get inside the head of a kid who was invited to write whatever they wanted for this journal … this is your chance!

Thank you for supporting this project, and for supporting kids to write.

Once there lived an evil wizard who wasn’t nice, not for a second … not even a millisecond. He lived in a dark, creepy cave and his clothes were purple with yellow spots. He had wiry, grey hair and very dark, brown eyes. He had a mysterious box in his cave and he was conjuring up a clever plan. A very powerful potion was waiting inside … (an extract from ‘Do Not Open This Box’ by Sienna Langfield)

A little more info …

Why inspire kids to write?

As researchers Fleur Diamond and Edwin Creely write: “Students’ willingness to write can be promoted by making writing more enjoyable and meaningful to young people, with authentic connections to their lives.” There is also a clear link made between engaged writers, and better literacy outcomes.

When you write what you want to write, in the way you want to write, and know some handy skills, the story flows. Creating a good story not only feels amazing, it also helps you connect with other people, express yourself and may lead to a published book one day.

Thank you for your support!

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