Stardust School of Dance

Dance your heart out and reach for the stars! Stardust is a small dance studio in a modest suburban hall, which radiates light and hope. It’s a place to belong, to dream and to dance. Each book follows the life of one of the young dancers – Priya, Edmund, Bertie and Lulu – as they move through the emotions and challenges of family, friendship and growing up, all against the backdrop of dance.

Book #1: Bertie the Ninja Dancer
Bertie Black has just moved in with her new step family, but it doesn’t feel like home. She spends most of the time practising her cool ninja moves and escaping from her fake brother, until the sound of music carries her to Stardust School of Dance. Soon she is offered a role as a dancing wolf. If Bertie takes her secret ninja moves to the stage she might just find a real home at Stardust with new friends. But will she be brave enough to take the leap?
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Book #2: Lulu the Ballerina Dreamer
Lulu Lullaby knocks over Grandma’s precious ballet trophy and it smashes into a million pieces! Lulu is heartbroken. But she wants to make things right. If only Lulu can get the lead role in Stardust’s new performance of Cinderella, she just might be able to win her own trophy and make Grandma proud. Will Lulu’s dreams come true
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Book #3: Priya the Swan Queen
Priya’s favourite things are animals and dancing. She is so excited when Madam Martine asks her to lead a fundraiser dance to help animals! But Priya can’t do it. She has to go to special reading lessons instead.
Priya has been struggling with reading and is getting help. But she can’t help thinking about the dance, and the animals that need her support. Maybe, just maybe, if Priya works hard at her reading, she can lead her Stardust friends in the fundraiser dance after all …
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Book #4: Edmund the Dazzling Dancer
When Madam Martine asks Edmund to choose the dance for Stardust to perform at the Gala, it’s never going to be an ordinary performance. Edmund is excited to make it something original, something incredible. A true extravaganza!
On top of Edmund’s Gala planning, he is helping Dad out at the family restaurant. Edmund wants to impress his dad with his amazing Gala performance. But with everything happening at the restaurant, will Dad even make it to the Gala? And will Edmund be able to pull off his grand plans?
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