For a few years now, author Jesse Blackadder has been working with Byron Writers Festival to develop the StoryBoard Bus, an initiative inspiring creativity and literacy around the Northern Rivers, NSW.

For three years, every school is entitled to a visit a year from the StoryBoard bus. The bus comes with volunteers, and a professional author, who not only inspires students by sharing their journey, but works directly with a group of keen writers in a three hour workshop.

For students, this is a unique and valuable opportunity to get outside the classroom, and get inspired. We are yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love StoryBoard. And the other thing? It’s free for schools, thanks to funding.

StoryBoard also run free masterclasses for young writers at the community libraries. This is a great opportunity for writers to connect with other writers, workshop their stories with a professional writer, and have a load of fun.

To book your free school visit or check out other StoryBoard programs that are happening through the year, visit the StoryBoard website.