The Magic Library: Connecting kids through books

So, I have this idea. It’s kind of a big idea. Or maybe it’s really small. 

Either way, we have this world, and it’s all over the place. We know those around us, close to us and like us. But what would happen if we made connections that pulled us together, with people who are not so like us?

Books are typically a way into other words. We see how others live. How they feel. How they think. But what about if kids made the books themselves, with their own stories, and shared them with someone they didn’t know?

So, here’s the idea, kids:

Make your own books from things around the house. It doesn’t need to cost anything, and will be light to post. Then, write and draw your own story in your book, and send your book to someone, somewhere in the world. Someone will send you a book back.

A bridge is made.

Maybe books come in different languages, so you get to see characters and words you are unfamiliar with. 

Maybe the story reflects someone’s life. Or maybe it’s pure fantasy. Either way, a connection is made.

What if we could make a world through books?

I think we can.

One of the things I really enjoy doing, is making books with kids. This is an easy book making exercise, using whatever you have around the house. I pre-punch the holes, and help kids thread through the holes. But this is just one type of book you can make. Use this simple video as a guide, for making your books. You might like to download my story making ideas here too. Or, maybe you want to do whatever you want!

To go on the MAGIC LIBRARY database, to send and receive a book, send me an email!

Ta-ra! Zanni