How To Be Archie For Book Week

Book Week is just around the corner, on the 18-25 August. Every year, I look forward to seeing the incredible costumes in my newsfeed – Where’s Wally, Harry Potter, Pippi Longstocking… There are endless book characters kids can dress up as.

This year maybe Archie from Archie and the Bear can join the parade!

Archie isn’t that complicated, if you need to whip up a last minute simple costume for Book Week. All you need is a brown tee-shirt, brown shorts, and a brown bear hat. The simple version is to use a brown paper lunch bag. But you could sew from fleece, or even crochet!

How to make a brown paper lunch bag bear hat

1. Take a brown paper bag, and cut into three strips, horizontal to opening.
2. Cut the fold edge into three equal-ish squares.
3. Take the two corner squares, and fold in the top corners slightly.
4. Take the other two long strips, and measure around your darling’s head. Tape to size.
5. Tape ears on the inside of hat.
Like so!
how to make paper lunch bag bear hat

Or… if you are feeling daring, and have some time on your hands, and a sewing machine, you could attempt to sew an Archie hat, like this:

How to sew a simple bear hat, like Archie’s!
sew simple archie bear hat pattern

1. Print pattern.
PDF: sew simple Archie bear hat pattern
It should fit snuggly onto a horizontal A4 sheet. 26cm fits a 6-7 year old, so make a bit bigger for older kids.
2. Cut pattern and use to cut brown fleece to size (2 of the hat, and 4 of the ears)
3. Sew two ears, by sewing two of the ear shapes together x 2
4. On each of the bear hat pieces, sew the V together. This will help make the round bear hat shape.
5. Turn ears the right way, and pin, facing down, on inside of two bear hat halves, as below, and sew bear hat halves together.

simple bear hat pattern

6. Hem if desired, and turn in the right way. Voila!

archie and the bear book week

Or if you are feeling especially creative, and are handy with a crochet hook, you can use Hannah Lea’s pattern to crochet a hat!

Crochet an Archie and the Bear hat

Once you have your all-brown Archie costume inspired by David Mackintosh’s illustration, ask your child to kindly don a slightly cross expression, and you are in business!

If your little ones are dressing up as Archie for Book Week, send me your photos or you can tag me on social media @zannilouise.

Have fun!

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