New Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush books!

This month, two new Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush books hit the shelves.

Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush is a wonderful celebration of the power of children’s imagination,’ says book reviewer, Better Reading. ‘Tiggy is the lucky owner of a magical paintbrush, one that allows her to make real her fantastical imagination.’

Tiggy faces a new set of problems in the upcoming releases. In A Musical Show, Tiggy feels nervous before going on stage in front of an audience, and retreats to the bathroom. There, she magically paints creatures to sing in her place. With practice, persistence, and imagination, Tiggy realises she has the ability, and even the courage to perform.

In A Birthday Party Trick, Tiggy faces disappointment when the magician can’t come to her party. Tiggy’s humorous attempts to fix the problem with magic lead to Tiggy discovering she can have a magical party, by creating her own magic games. 

These books for 4-7 year-olds are published by Hardie Grant Egmont, and beautifully illustrated by Gillian Flint. Books are available from all good bookstores.

‘I LOVE reading Tiggy. She helps me see that with just a pencil or paintbrush you can make a whole new world in your imagination.’ – Tahli, 6.5

‘Tiggy has ignited Olive’s imagination in so many ways. The magic paintbrush gives her a new outlook on solving problems and each time we re-read the books, she tucks a real paintbrush into her sock for the day!’ – Penny Harrison. 

“Felix and I like to imagine what we would paint with our magic paintbrush. From green tree frogs to highly engineered town water systems.” – Shelly Brown

“Ruby reads and rereads Tiggy, and even uses the books as inspiration for her own creative play! They’re gorgeous books and we can’t wait for the next ones!” – Kate Laura

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