Picture Book Writing & Illustration Course

“I could not recommend Zanni and Anna’s course enough. I am learning so many tips and tricks that enable me to tweak and develop my work, as well as have fun, get creative, and think like a child again.” Samantha Smith

Includes exclusive interviews with acclaimed picture book creators, including Matt Ottley, Davina Bell, Rebecca Young, Gus Gordon, Maggie Hutchings, Sue Whiting, Margrete Lamond and many more.

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Course commences February 2022

“The depth of information is fantastic. Everything I have ever learned over the years is finally clicking into place with the expert knowledge and guidance of Zanni and Anna. I love it.” Madeleine Watson

Anna & Zanni are excited to be offering you a 6-month interactive online course, which will help you write and illustrate your picture book.

Whether you want to write or illustrate picture books or both, this course is unique as it guides you through all aspects of picture book creation. Provided online, you can do this course from anywhere in the world.

Zanni and Anna really compliment each other and have such detailed expertise to share. I recommend it for anyone interested in picture book writing!” Tiff Bollhorn

Each month, for six months, you will:

  • interact with Anna and Zanni and your class on Zoom and in a private Facebook group
  • have access to videos and handouts
  • be allocated tasks and exercises
  • complete one assignment per module
  • receive personalised feedback on your assignments from both Zanni and Anna and well as your classmates. 

By the end of the course, you will have a polished manuscript, storyboard, character designs, cover art, and two finished artworks to present to a publisher, as well as confidence in your picture book voice. You will also gain access to a vibrant picture book community.

Module One:

Introduction to Picture Books, Inspiration & Feeling

Learn what makes a great picture book, and about the picture book market.

Tap into your inspiration and your unique picture book style through a variety of visual exercises. Anna talks you through her creative process.

Module Two:

Developing Characters

Learn how to develop strong, active characters, point-of-view, and voice. Start developing characteristics, expression, accessories, and setting through visual exercises.

Module Three:

Plot, Storyline & Exploring Perspectives

Learn techniques for structuring your story. Start playing with angles and interesting perspectives through visual exercises.

Module Four:

Writing Techniques & Materials

Learn an array of picture book writing techniques, from show-don’t-tell, rhythm and rhyme, and compelling dialogue. Harness your unique picture book voice. Start playing with a range of visual materials, and experimenting with your visual style.

Module Five:

Editing Techniques, Storyboarding & Dummy Books

Learn a variety of professional editing techniques, including how to write more concisely and rhythmically, improving sentence structure and formatting. Polish your manuscript for submission. Develop a storyboard and a dummy book for your manuscript.

Module Six:

Preparing for Publication

Learn how to access and impress publishers and agents with your finished work. Create finished artwork and cover art for your picture book. Create a picture book pitch and cover letter.

“This course is well designed, and structured in an easy-to-follow online format. The course shares a wealth of knowledge into the intricacies of creating a picture book.” Leanne Griffiths

Secure your spot now

AU $320

About Your Facilitators

Zanni Louise

Based in Northern NSW, Zanni Louise has created more than twenty books, from bestselling picture book series like Human-Kind and Errol, and highly acclaimed picture books like Archie & The Bear. Her books are sold worldwide. Over the last six years, Zanni has helped thousands of adults and children achieve their writing dreams. 

Anna Pignataro

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, highly acclaimed author-illustrator, Anna Pignataro, has created more than ninety books for children, many of which have become bestsellers and are sold into foreign territories. Her recent picture book Heart of the Whale was awarded an IBA and a Kirkus Star. Anna’s beloved characters like Agatha and Princess and Fairy have become institutions in Australian households. Through her books, Anna hopes to inspire children to follow their dreams.

Zanni and Anna’s first book together, Too Busy Sleeping, was published by Little Hare in 2015. Too Busy Sleeping is a CBCA Notable and appears on Play School and The Storybox Library. Their most recent picture book, Florence and Fox, is published by Walker Books in 2021.

too busy sleeping