Zanni Louise available for school & library visits 2019


It’s nearly the end of the year – can you believe that? We are still being cold and cosy in Europe. Lots of time to write! Hope your year is wrapping up nicely too!

With 2019 around the corner, I thought I’d put out the word that I’m currently taking school and library bookings for next year. I can visit your students for one session, a whole day, or even for a few days as a Writer In Residence, so your students get the chance to really develop their writing skills. I can also swing by the class online! (How great is technology?)

One of my greatest joys as an author is getting to visit primary school kids, and public libraries, to share the magic of making books, and inspire a love of writing. Through my years teaching writing to kids and adults, via the Australian Writers Centre, and Byron Writers Festival, I have had the chance to develop really effective writing programs I know help even the most reluctant writers.

Why inspire creative writing?

As researchers Fleur Diamond and Edwin Creely write: “Students’ willingness to write can be promoted by making writing more enjoyable and meaningful to young people, with authentic connections to their lives.” There is also a clear link made between engaged writers, and better literacy outcomes.

My presentations and workshops help kids and adults of all abilities and ages experience writing as joyful, fun, and potentially easy. When you write what you want to write, in the way you want to write, and know some handy skills, the story flows. Creating a good story not only feels amazing, it also helps you connect with other people, express yourself and may lead to a published book one day.

What can Zanni offer you?


I present to your whole school, library, or selected grades, reaching as many people as possible. As well as being fun, interactive and entertaining, this presentation gives listeners the chance to hear how books are made, learn how stories are constructed, and also understand the value of creativity.


I run in-class workshops for kids of any age. Depending on how long you have, I can work with kids for one session, to develop characters and learn story writing techniques. Primary Stage 2 & 3, and high schoolers may benefit from longer sessions, where Zanni teaches more in depth techniques. Zanni also runs writing workshops for adults who want to learn how to write for children.

How to book

I charge Australian Society of Author rates for visits. In NSW, please contact Beth from the Children’s Bookshop Speakers’ Agency on (02) 9481 8811 or email

To make a booking anywhere in QLD, please email

Find out more

To learn more about my writing workshops, and my books, please visit:

What others have said about Zanni’s visits

Zanni’s warmth and passion for quality literature for children is inspiring. ~ St Agatha’s School, Brisbane

Our students were so enthralled, they would have sat there all day listening. Zanni has changed their lives forever! ~ Westall Primary, Melbourne

Zanni Louise has an uncanny ability to connect with children of all ages.  She delights and surprises with her warmth and humour.  Her visit to our school and the readings and workshops she conducted will be remembered and treasured for years to come.. ~ Marin Primary and Middle School, San Francisco

Let me know if you have questions!

Happy festive season!

Zanni x

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